DATANEN solves needs of customers with end-to-end capabilities, including application/data integration, API management, data quality governance, B2B integration, app development and more.

< New Integrations >

Take your integrations to the next level by building on use-case specific workflows. Application and technology connectors, AI-powered configuration, distributed architecture, elastic cloud infrastructure, economies of skill, low code app development.


< Fix and Adjust >

Overcome IT complexity and break down data by integrating on-premises and cloud application, various data sources and devices. Reusable business logic and data flow recommendations will simplify your processes and error resolution.

Diagnostics | SQL | ETL | Recovery | API | .NET

< Network Operation >

Derive insights from vast amounts of data across the enterprise with zero downtime. Operate ecosystem that support hybrid and multi-cloud environments with ease.

< Cyber Security >

Unified platform experience with a single view for tracking and reporting. Attack protection. System proof for mistake damage. Backup architecture. Virus and malware protection.